How Cool Are You Test: Inventory

“Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, Whoa I’m so cool.” -Robert Pattinson



Personal Inventory: How Misguided Are You?

Do you over analyze people and situations?

Do you always worry about what could go wrong?

Do you take rejection personally?

Do you easily get discouraged after rejection?

Do you feel bored often?

Do you get angry easily?

Do you spend your free time chasing hot dates?

Do you let fear of the unknown hold you back?

Are you in a relationship you resent?

Are you in a dead-end job?

Are you afraid to speak up?

Do you take your opinions too seriously?

Do you complain most of the time?

Are you broke as a joke?

Are you lazy and undisciplined?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions you are definitely not acting cool.

If you answered yes to half these questions, you are still not close to being cool. If you answered yes, to only a few of these questions, congratulations! You are closer to being cool than most people. For those of you who are not cool, this book will help you learn to kick it and gain some bomb ass enlightenment!


Cool is a word that typically describes the weather in low temperatures, but when we talk about cool in this book we are not talking about the weather. We are talking about slang. Cool is an attitude,  style and composure. Cool is a way of talking, walking, dressing and going through the motions of everyday life.

It was once thought to be an attitude taken on by rebels, blacks and people who wore leather jackets. However, cool should not be limited to a race or the material one wears. We should all learn to keep it cool because the opposite of cool is an-over-anxious- spas. It’s important to keep it cool or else we would be bugging out.

A person who is not cool typically falls into the category of a loser or nerd. Who wants to be described as boring, overweight, oversensitive, needy or insecure?

The best thing we can have people saying behind our backs is that person is COOL. It’s better than being called smart or talented, because smart people can be boring and arrogant, and talented people can be egocentric. Just because a person is smart or talented does not mean they are likable, but everyone wants to hang out with a cool person. A cool person is likable.

Everyone likes a cool person. Keeping it cool is how we keep it moving and make friends. There is no skill more valuable to hone than building a cool persona.

Now at this point, you might be freaking out because you’re the furthest thing from cool. Take a deep breath and relax. We can all learn to be cool because being cool isn’t an inborn quality, it’s a skill.


Fortunately, we all have the potential to develop our skills and this is an innovative and unique self-help book designed to help with personal growth. If you are ready to become cool, first we must identify why you are not cool.


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